And Now for the Book!

Three years ago, in response to much encouragement and many requests, I began a book to address the frequently asked question "What is the best time to visit Languedoc?". After much research and experimentation and working in close collaboration with Monique Guezel, our house manager, I have finished the book, "Travels to Languedoc-Secrets to a Memorable Visit". It should be published in early November and available for purchase just in time for Christmas. The book is laid out as a monthly guide to the region. It features regional information, anecdotes and many of Monique's recommendations along with her special recipes for each month. 

For those of you who have journeyed to Languedoc, we hope that the book brings back memories of your own travels. For those thinking of coming, we hope the book answers your questions and peaks your imagination.

The book will be available as an e-book and in soft and hardcover as well. It can be purchased on this website. Watch for more announcements shortly.